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Hello,If I run the command "get hardware memory" on a FGT 100D I get this output: total: used: free: shared: buffers: cached: shm:Mem: 4146601984 1700696064 2445905920 0 145674240 671895552 328130560Swap: 0 0 0MemTotal: 4049416 kBMemFree: 2411416 kBM...
The FortiGate 100D has 2x GE SFP Shared Ports. Is it right that this ports can be used as WAN Ports ? thanks
We got a FortiGate 100D as a demo from a distributor. This device has no shared SPF ports, but in actual pdf-sheet from Fortinet we see this ports. The distributor told me that the Fortigate 100D exists as Generation 1, 2 or 3 version. Gen 2 and 3 sh...