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NOOB: Help to let 2 different subnet talk to each other


I have the Fortigate E80. Here is my set up:

1. Interface WAN1 - Internet

2. Interface Port 1 ( DHCP - connected to CISCO Switch -> *Synology NAS 3. Interface Port 2 ( DHCP - connected to Switch -> *Samsung TV 4. Firewall (1) Access Internet (2) Internal Network I can access internet from both Synology NAS and Samsung TV but I can't get the Samsung TV to detect the Synology NAS. I already have an Internal Network firewall with all sources, all destination, all service, accept. I tried both NAT enabled and disabled but still can't get them to talk to each other. What am I doing wrong here? Hope to hear from the experts soon.

Many thanks!

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If you already have a policy from port2 > port1 wide open, the issue may be on the TV end. NAT isn't needed here since you aren't leaving you inside network. Can you plug in a laptop on the TV port and trace route from there?

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Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:
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Did you try defining a Zone of the LAN trusted networks (port 1,2) ? and apply a policy as: Trusted_Networks > Trusted_Networks / Any / Any / Any / Accept

I had this problem once and that was the solution.



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