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NAT rule on incomming VPN traffic

My dear community,


I'd like to throw in the round a question what puzzles me since some days:

We have a VPN tunnel incomming with . The system which should be reached has . The virtual IP mapping I can set defines the incomming external IP as well as the map to IP.

BUT: and here is the tricky thing... The partner needs to use a placeholder-IP. So the partner calls IP This should be mapped to but, the rule is not used because the incomming IP is

Summary: Incomming calls has to be mapped to


Can you please help me to understand how to configure such a scenario?


thanks  a lot in advance!


Hello Mardal

I think you want to configure a VIP, with external IP 172.26.62.x, mapped IP 192.168.9.x.

You can find this under Policy & Objects > Virtual IP.

Then FW Policy has to be configured with the VIP as destination address.

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thanks for your reply.

In general you are right- but the VIP get only hit if the external IP would be But the external IP is a different one.. I just added a small picture. Maybe this explains it a bit better than with words ;)Capture.JPG


You can use any IP you want as the External IP in a VIP as long as that IP is routed to the external interface for that VIP.


In other words if packets destined to 172.26.62.x are being properly routed to your FortiGate's interface then the VIP will cause the FortiGate to reply to ARP requests for the IP that is configured as "external IP" in the VIP. The IP does not have to exist on the actual interface.



Hope this helps.


Your partner wants it like that because he is probably already using 192.168.x.x internally.

The packet from partner with destination IP 172.26.62.x will reach your FortiGate as your partner has already added a route  that routes such traffic toward your FGT.

Your FGT will accept this packet as you de defined this VIP 172.26.62.x, whatever is your external IP.


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