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Multiple edit and VIPs

Hi all. I have a lot of VIP with static NAT configured on a 1000A FG and I have to apply a protection profile on all of them. At the moment I have a single policy for every single VIP but it is becoming very hard to manage them. So i was wondering: if I create a VIP group, could i create a single policy for all VIPs instead of one for every VIP? Will static NAT keep working? If not, if it is possible to apply the same configuration on many policies at the same time, without having to modify every single policy? Thank you all Bye Francesco Editing
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Do you mean each policy has it' s own protection profile now?

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Nono, I have to add the same protection profile to each policy...and it' s a bit annoying repeat the same configuration 50 times...
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Yes, you can group all your VIPs to one vip group unless you have authentication in your firewall policy. Also you could use Multiple VIPs as dstaddr.
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