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Monitoring Traffic during IPSec VPN

Hi Guys, I`ve set up a VPN Solution with one 111C in the Head-Quarter and 12 30B in Branch Offices. In the last week i got sometimes broken tunnels and if I bring up the tunnels manually it works fine again. Thats not a real problem, but it will be fine if I can monitor the traffic (by ping at the easiest way) during the Tunnel and if the Ping fails I will set up a script or something that will reconnect the tunnel automatic. Is there anyone who understand me? I will run a script directly at the Branch Office FGT to bring up the tunnel if the 3rd or 4th ping to a special system at the headquarter fails. Thanks for your answers!
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Hi, and welcome to the forums. What you are looking for is already implemented in the FortiOS. You can set a parameter in phase 2 to have the FGT automatically reestablish the tunnel should it go down:
 config vpn ipsec phase2
    edit <phase2_name>
    set auto-negotiate enable
Also, you should enable ' Dead Peer Detection' in phase 1, and ' Autokey Keep Alive' in phase 2, as usual. I wonder how you would script the FGT - you' d be the first to do so.


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