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Monitor 100+ public static routes towards ISPs

Hi we have 100+ static routes instead of default route towards ISP and we have multiple ADSL lines tired in sdwan for outbound internet access. Those static routes are being advertised in bgp toward our lan side so people can use internet through a cloud proxy.

Is there a way to withdraw those routes from routing table when 1 2 or all ADSL lines are down?

once withdrawn i hope bgp will stop advertising it to lan side.

Hello b1onny, Good day!


If I understood your requirement correctly, you want to withdraw the BGP routes to the LAN network, when your Line 1 or Line 2 Upstream goes down.


You can use SDWAN + BGP functionality together with this.
Please Make sure that under SDWAN, Performance SLA for specific LINEs, Update static route is ENABLED. So when the Line/Link/Performance SLA is down, the Static Route is no longer in the Routing Table.

On the BGP side, please make sure that network-import-check is enabled.


So now, when the link/line is down, the Static Route is not active in the Routing Table, and the Route is withdrawn from the BGP advertisement.


Please refer:



Thank you!


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