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Migration Advanced Configuration issues

Hi All,   i'm running a PoC and got some serious issues with advanced configuration which runs on version 4 MR2 Patch15 that includes : 1. vdoms with inter-vdom-link that utzilizing NAT accross that vdom link for some of the traffic with mtu manipulation 2. gre tunnels to multiple ISPs for internet connection with mtu manipulation 3. policy routes (PBR) 4. using secondary IP with public IP for unit updates   after building the configuration from scratch on version 5.2.3 the following were seen : 1. NAT on the inter vdom link was not working - after debugging with the flow commands i switched to a hardware inter vdom link (based on connection between two ports , so now NAT is working properly but i "lost" two ports..) 2. gre interfaces cannot be seen on the gui any more 3. SSL sites loading very very slowly or not loading at all due to SSL handshake timeout , SSL proxy and certificate inspection policies completely disabled and still not working well, 4. unit is not getting updates when using secondary IP with public IP   overall experience from the v5.2.3 is that staying with v4 is much better, we need this PoC to succeed. anyone came across these kind of issues?

player. rock the boat , dont sink the ship
player. rock the boat , dont sink the ship
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