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Migrating ZyXEL to FortiGate

Hi all, No doubt I' ll be swamping this board with noob posts as I am attempting to install a FG-50B at my company. Please be patient with me as these devices seem very complex to me! :( The firewall I am replacing is a ZyXEL 10W (installed by a third party long before I started the company) and I am attempting to imitate the rules on the new FG-50B. But not without problems... (don' t suppose anyone has experience translating the rules from a ZyXEL at all?!). The FG-50B seems far more sophisticated, but with the trade-off of being more complex (at least to me). Some of the port-forwarding I have attempted to re-create just doesn' t seem to work. One being with my OpenVPN users, which require port 1194 opening up and forwarded to my OpenVPN server. It seems no matter what I tried yesterday, my server just didn' t see any 1194 traffic. One thing to note is that on the ZyXEL I have the following settings (enabled setting is surrounded with asterisks: MAIN MENU -> WAN -> WAN IP -> Network Address Translation [None] **[SUA Only]** [Full Feature] I don' t know exactly what SUA is, and there appears to be no reference to it in the FG-50B. Is the fact that the ZyXEL used this feature anything I need to be concerned with when configuring the FG-50B for compatibility? Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
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Hi guys, Thank you very much for the replies, it' s great to see an active, helpful forum - fills me with much more confidence :o) Using these tips I have now successfully created some rules for OpenVPN, mail servers, HTTP ports etc. It' s looking very ' ZyXEL-like' now! I had consulted the online docs, but the examples I' d come across seemed to go into great detail for creating advanced VPNs or using DMZ' s etc. For my first step of creating a straight-forward port opening/forwarding, the docs left me a little intimidated and confused! Thanks to you guys though, I am making great progress

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