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Migrate to Bigger Firewall

If we currently have a 100D and want to migrate to 400F, what's the best way to do so without using FortiConverter? I'd like to maintain all of our custom profiles, policy routes and overrides without having to do it all from scratch if possible. I imagine it's all in the CLI full-configuration but wanted to k own the best way to massage the old configuration to align with the new device.


im speaking based on my experiences. :)

heres my take,  firmware should identitical for both FGs. secure FG 100D backup, open it in notepad and perform copy and paste the portion you need to replicate to FG 400. much better if you have console cable directly connected to the device. It would be more useful as well during migration you have dual monitor to have better visibility in comparing config to both FGs.

manual config also help in cleaning some unused objects or addresses inside FG.





Hi @mumbles202 


If you only wanted to copy the custom profiles, that would be pretty straightforward as you can probably copy and paste the respective. However, for policy routes, overrides, and firewall policy, you will need to map it to the correct interface or you will face error in pasting the config As different FortiGate model might have different naming for the ports, you may want to make sure that those ports are mapped manually in your configuration before you paste that in via CLI.


Just like what R_F mentioned, ensuring that both FortiGate firmware is identical is also important.


Kayzie Cheng

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