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Migrate 100E firewall config into 201F Firewall as VDOM

Hi All ,

We've 201F fortigate running VDOMs.
And we want to migrate old 100E firewall config as separate/dedicated VDOM in 201F.
Can you please suggest us what can we do for best ? Should we manually add all config from FG100E to 201F VDOM? Can FortiConverter achieve that?
Are there any scenario that can automate the process somehow? If we need manual process , what can we do for the least user fault when inputting the configuration?

Thank you so much and appreciate for any suggestions!

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FortiConverter could help you remap the interfaces from what they are on the 100E to what they would need to be in the 201F.  The product/service really only takes into account a configuration for a full device as far as I know.  


If you take the configuration, however, you could just take out the important parts you need and paste them to the vdom after you have mapped the interfaces from global into the vdom (ie, interface address, firewall policies, security profiles, ipsec phase1/phase2, etc)


Does that mean mapping interface done by Forticonverter and then export the migrated-config .After that , manually added (copy/paste) the interface/policy/vpn config into 201F VDOM via CLI ?

Is my understanding correct?


Yes, that is correct.  Whatever interfaces you want to put in the vdom you will need to manually add them to your new vdom first, then you should be able to copy/paste the other relevant information from the output config.  


It is not an automated process but saves time typing it all manually.


thank you and noted on your suggestion