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Microsoft SQL Server Instance Policy


I need to configure a policy on the FortiGate to access a Microsoft SQL Server. The source host has to access an instance of the Microsoft SQL Server, i.e. I also have to release the SQL Browser, which then tells the source host the destination port of the instance. However, this is always dynamic.

Question: Can I configure in the FortiGate that this works or do I have to set the instance to a fixed port?



You need to know what ports to allow on the Firewall policy. In this case, if a service is picking dynamic ports, you will be constantly losing connectivity and changing Firewall rules. So yes, please configure the service to use a static port and configure that in your Firewall policy.


FortiGate has some application helpers that allow it to dynamically open ports for certain protocols like RTP that negotiate ports on the fly. In this instance, however, it sounds like the server is just picking its own ports and there is no negotiation for the Firewall to listen to.

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Each instance of the Database Engine must be configured to meet the performance and availability requirements defined for the database hosted by the instance. The Database Engine provides configuration settings that control behaviors such as resource usage and feature availability, such as audit or trigger firing. If you have not been able to do this yet, microsoft business central can help you set up a policy on FortiGate to access Microsoft SQL Server. They are always available no matter the time of day and no problem is too much for them.

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