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Merging 2 WAN Connection

I have fortigate 100F and 60F using Firmware 6.2.5

Is possible to merge 2 wan into 1 connection?
Example, before using fortigate, they use other brand router using 2 WAN and each bandwidth is 25Mbps
so when they speedtest it get 50Mbps.

but after migrate to fortigate only get 25Mbps when the user speedtest (for this case i using the SDWAN)


is possible to do this and is there any KB/documentation that include how to config this, or if it can't, is there any documentation can provide that information?


Hello dennycm, we are glad you are part of this community


SDWAN purpose is to load balance traffic based on different SLA Targets and to provide redundancy. 

Mainly the sessions are load balanced between sdwan interface members depending on your SDWAN rule configuration.

One session cannot use two outgoing interfaces, so doubling the speed of a single session using SDWAN is not possible.

Applications that use multiple streams (sessions) that can be load balanced between SDWAN interfaces benefit the most throughput wise.

You can check the following administration guide for configuration samples with different SDWAN rules: 




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