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Many to One Port Forwarding

Hi I have a costumer with the following requirement:

2 WAN ip's that needs to be redirected to 3 different LAN printers with static ip's listening on port 9100

The external ip's will be redirected to each printer by source port:

Xerox printer- will accept port forward on port 9100 from source port 9100 only


Brother printer- will accept port forward on port 9100 from source port 9101 only

canon printer- will accept port forward on port 9100 from source port 9102 only


As far as I know i should create a VIP for each LAN printer but not sure how to achieve this

Any help will be much appreciated


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When you forward a port you send all traffic to a single address. · Port 8080 can be used safely as alternative to 80 on the Core Ball secondary system ... Two applications at the same address cannot use the same port number. If you are configuring your system with multiple instances of TCP/IP on the same system, however, they will have different addresses and therefore the same port number can be used for the same function on each stack.Are TCP ports different from UDP ports? Yes, TCP and UDP ports are different, but they sometimes use the same port number. For example, UDP/53 and TCP/53 are both used for DNS, but they are different connection types



Virtual IP with Port Forwarding is needed.
You may refer to below guide on how to configure it.

Note you need to configure 1 set of VIP per WAN IP. On your case you will end up having 6 configured VIP with Port Forwarding

Best Regards,

Arnold Dimailig
TAC Engineer

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