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Managed FortiAPs unresponsive in 800c


i have a fortigate 800c for Wifi controll with approx. 55 AP connected to it.

this morning i decided to clean it up a bit and deleted on unused AP which i had on the interface (it was greyed out) 

right clicked it and chose delete 

it vanished and since then the "Managed FortiAps" list is not loading, everything else is fine , i have wifi internet, access to my AP's , but cant get the "Managed FortiAps" list. 

i cant reboot just now , is there any fast solution ? 

i have uploaded a screenshot 




Does this persist after logging out/back in, new browser, etc? Hate to reply with little more info but this should have a support ticket tied to it if you're still stuck and forced to reboot, something we would want to track in case its a new bug.