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MacOS and Forticlient EMS

So with the help of support got the client to deploy and about 90% there, did the cert update in the intuneconfig file as thing that remains is a nagging prompt about certificates that still pops up from the forticlient during managed installation...also I know the client needs full disk access but I am unable to verify that is given via privacy area or profiles...anyone else encounter this?


it seems you've made significant progress with deploying the FortiClient on MacOS using EMS, and you've tackled most of the issues. However, the persistent certificate prompt during the managed installation can be due to a discrepancy between the certificate used for deployment and the one recognized by MacOS. It's essential to ensure that the certificate is trusted on MacOS. Additionally, the challenge of verifying full disk access permission for the FortiClient is not uncommon. MacOS restricts certain areas for security, and apps require explicit permission to access them. If you're using mobile device management (MDM) tools like Intune, you can enforce specific privacy settings and profiles. However, if there are uncertainties, consult Fortinet support for advanced troubleshooting.

Siddhanth Poojary
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per the docs, I need to install the package associated with the invitation ID manually and grab the cert. Once obtained, the data needs to be inserted into the config file for doesnt prompt for privacy policies once I applied the config via intune however I cannot validate the settings (sorry I like to see things with my own eyes before I bless it)


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