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MS Money and Forticlient conflict

So, this may not be an appropriate, but here goes.  In the last couple of days, starting MS Money will cause the Blue Screen of Death while Forticlient is running.  If I shutdown Forticlient, the MS Money program works perfectly.  I have used Forticlient and MS Money for many years and like both programs immensely.  The computer is running windows 7 ultimate service pack 1.  I am not sure what has changed in the last few days.  I did uninstall the last couple of windows updates but it did not make any difference.  I am hoping that someone can offer a solution where I figure out how to run both programs without the conflict. df14936

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try to uninstall FortiClient and install it once again. Which version?


It is FortiClient version Running Windows 7 Ultimate. Accord to the Forticlient counsel, it is the latest version.

I reinstalled Forticlient.  The new version is  But unfortunately, as soon as I launch MS Money, I still get the blue screen of death.

I did not uninstall the old version of Forticlient before installing the new one.  I assume that would not make any difference?


Sometimes it does. I'd remove both applications. Then install Forticlient, test it, and then install the 'MS'. Do you have more computers with similar configuration (Forticlient+MS) with the same problem?


I have another computer that works with MS Money and Forticlient installed.

That one has Forticlient and running Windows 7 Professional. 

So it is an older version of Forticlient vs and Windows Pro vs Ultimate.  I have been able to run both MS Money and Forticlient on both computers for a long time.  The one that crashes just started having the problem last week.


Maybe restore config from last week on the Windows? I don't have any ideas...


I uninstalled MS Money and Forticlient.  Installed Forticlient and then installed MS Money.  Still get the blue screen of death when I launch Money if Forticlient is running.

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