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Hido you know what is the max number of entries in the 'set group filters'?
Hi this is what I see when I try to login to non-licensed version: 6.2.0-6.2.3. Any idea what is it? When I click "close" nothing happens Hubert
Hi,I'm trying to forward some traffic (PBR) via different interface (GRE Tunnel). When I have a default route via port1 (with better metric) it doesn't work: Local-FortiGate # get router info routing-table allRouting table for VRF=0Codes: K - kernel,...
HiHow to set 'disk' as a default source of logs on the GUI? I see always FortiCloud. I found this post very useful but I can't find solution for version 6:
Hi, can someone clarify one thing as I'm lost: I use only firewall policies, no antivirus, no IPS and no Application Control. With below settings what happens when FW enters kernel conserve mode? Does it accept new sessions? Does it process existing ...
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