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MS Money and Forticlient conflict

So, this may not be an appropriate, but here goes.  In the last couple of days, starting MS Money will cause the Blue Screen of Death while Forticlient is running.  If I shutdown Forticlient, the MS Money program works perfectly.  I have used Forticlient and MS Money for many years and like both programs immensely.  The computer is running windows 7 ultimate service pack 1.  I am not sure what has changed in the last few days.  I did uninstall the last couple of windows updates but it did not make any difference.  I am hoping that someone can offer a solution where I figure out how to run both programs without the conflict. df14936

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try to uninstall FortiClient and install it once again. Which version?


It is FortiClient version Running Windows 7 Ultimate. Accord to the Forticlient counsel, it is the latest version.

I reinstalled Forticlient.  The new version is  But unfortunately, as soon as I launch MS Money, I still get the blue screen of death.

I did not uninstall the old version of Forticlient before installing the new one.  I assume that would not make any difference?


Sometimes it does. I'd remove both applications. Then install Forticlient, test it, and then install the 'MS'. Do you have more computers with similar configuration (Forticlient+MS) with the same problem?


I have another computer that works with MS Money and Forticlient installed.

That one has Forticlient and running Windows 7 Professional. 

So it is an older version of Forticlient vs and Windows Pro vs Ultimate.  I have been able to run both MS Money and Forticlient on both computers for a long time.  The one that crashes just started having the problem last week.


Maybe restore config from last week on the Windows? I don't have any ideas...


I uninstalled MS Money and Forticlient.  Installed Forticlient and then installed MS Money.  Still get the blue screen of death when I launch Money if Forticlient is running.

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The conflict between Microsoft Money and FortiClient on your Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 system is indeed an unusual issue, but not entirely uncommon when dealing with software interactions. Here is a breakdown of the situation and potential solutions:

  1. Symptoms:

    • Starting Microsoft Money results in a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) while FortiClient is running.
    • Closing FortiClient allows Microsoft Money to operate without any issues.
  2. Software Versions and Operating System:

    • Microsoft Money: The specific version of Microsoft Money isn't mentioned, but it's assumed to be a compatible version with Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.
    • FortiClient: Version is being used.
    • Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.
  3. Duration and Recent Changes:

    • The conflict has emerged in the last few days, despite years of using both programs without issues.
    • Uninstalling recent Windows updates did not resolve the conflict.
  4. Potential Causes:

    • Recent Updates: While uninstalling recent Windows updates didn't help, there might be an update related to either Microsoft Money or FortiClient that caused the conflict.
    • Configuration Changes: Any recent changes in settings or configurations of either program could have triggered the conflict.
    • Compatibility Issue: There might be a compatibility issue between the versions of Microsoft Money and FortiClient running on the Windows 7 system.
  5. Possible Solutions:

    • Update Software: Ensure both Microsoft Money and FortiClient are updated to their latest versions, as newer versions often include bug fixes and compatibility improvements.
    • Compatibility Mode: Try running either Microsoft Money or FortiClient in compatibility mode for Windows 7. Right-click on the program's shortcut or executable, go to Properties, and navigate to the Compatibility tab. Check the box for "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select Windows 7 from the dropdown menu.
    • Check Event Viewer: Check the Event Viewer in Windows for any error messages or logs related to the BSOD caused by Microsoft Money. This might provide more insight into the root cause of the conflict.
    • Contact Support: Reach out to both Microsoft Money and FortiClient support for assistance. They may have encountered similar issues and could provide specific troubleshooting steps or patches to resolve the conflict.
  6. Further Troubleshooting:

    • If the issue persists after trying the above solutions, consider performing a clean boot of Windows to isolate any conflicting third-party software or services.
    • You may also consider running diagnostic tools or reaching out to IT professionals for further assistance in identifying and resolving the conflict.
  7. Precautions:

    • Before attempting any major changes or updates, ensure you have backups of important data to prevent any potential data loss.

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