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MCLAG ACL failures are detected



I'm running a LACP MCLAG on a couple of FortiSiwtch-1024D (7.4.1). Linked to this MCLAG, I have a computer with 2x10GB interface. LACP is correctly configured and works properly. I can down an interface and all works as expected.


I just have a Critical error in FortiSwitch Event and I need you today to understand if this behavior is expected or not and if I have a misconfiguration somewhere.


When I unplugged one of my cable in the LACP MCLAG, I can see this in the log : 


Critical: MCLAG: ACL failures are detected

Notice : MCLAG: ICL ACL change ingress-port-bitmap=0xFEFFFF01, egress-block-port-bitmap=0x66004000

Notice : MCLAG: trk-test all peer link down

Notice : primary switch port port1 has gone down


What is suspicious is the second notice MCLAG: trk-test all peer link down and the critical event.


Do you think it comes form my computer (the way of this machine manage LACP) or should it be related to FortiSwitch ? More globally I don't really understand this log and I it's why I need your help today.


Thanks for your help.


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