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Hi ! I'm facing a strange issue with FortiClient (7.0.5). When my computer goes to sleep / hibernate, the VPN doesn't reconnect automatically. I have the keep_running and autoconnect_tunnel set to 1. As I can see, when I turned my computer to sleep, ...
Hi everyone !I'm a bit confuse on per-machine VPN and tag on FortiClient configuration. Let me explain a bit what I will do. I will auto-connect a VPN before logon (and keep it active) when I'm off-fabric (test on pinging an on-fabric device). I set...
Hi everyone,I set the option "show_vpn_before_logon" in my FortiClient EMS. I do a config backup on my client and if I edited the conf file I can seen the flag : 1 But when I rebooted my computer, noting in login screen ! I used the last verion of Fo...
Hi everyone ! I need your help, I used FortiClient with option "Show VPN before Logon". When I'm prompted to enter Windows password (login screen), the focus on password is lost. When I disabled this option (Show VPN before Logon), the focus stay on ...
Hi everyone, I have a question about FortiClient Installer.... I'm on FortiClient EMS 7.0.4 and I will user Official relase on my FortiClient Installer. As I can see, it's impossible to deploy a version greather than 7.0.1How can I use the default in...
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