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MC1550 image request

The CF card in my MC1550 got corrupt.  I managed to salvage some of the contents, but I was not able to salvage the consistency of the filesystems.  Hence, the controller does not boot.  Could someone (jbattam_FTNT ?) please help me with the necessary image file(s)?  My current installation ran on 7.0-8.



Frode Tennebø
Frode Tennebø

Hi @frodet ,


As far as I am aware we are not allowed to share it on here, you can login to our support portal and download it from there:


Alternatively you can open a new ticket with our support and an engineer will upload the image through the support ticket.


Best regards,

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Hi @fricci_FTNT ,


This system was purchased and installed (with the help of a consultancy firm) back in 2014 by my predecessor.  Then Fortinet purchased Meru in 2015, and all traces of this support contract vanished.  Hence, I have no access to these files even though I have support on other Fortinet products.


I have contacted Fortinet support, as you suggested, and my reseller(s) and I can't even purchase a new support contract.  I just want something up and running while I perform budget allocations and initial contacts for a new solution.  Can you help, please?

Frode Tennebø
Frode Tennebø

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