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Lower the URL BLOCK Pop-Up plugin

We use the web filtering feauter in our company but the " block-pop-up alert plug-in" overlaps the login field of a website utility company How we can lower the pop-up in the bottom of the page or disable it permanently? Here you can find a screenshot of the incident: Regards AL
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AL: It looks like you may have edited your original post because you thought I didn' t answer your question. That looks like the upper left corner of the Fortinet blocked page. I suggest you look at Chrome Developers Tools, Fiddler, or another DOM inspection utility to figure out the URL that is being blocked, then unblock it as described originally below. If you want to " move it down," this is not possible. The web filter/etc. are replacing the blocked objected with some HTML that describes that the page is blocked. You CAN edit this " block page," but it will affect the page presentation globally. An alternate might be to use something on each browser, like Adblock, that can remove objects from the DOM by regex on specific domains or pages. Here is my previous explanation on how to exempt a URL from the web filter: In FortiOS 4.0: Create a URL Filter object in UTM Profiles> Web filter> URL Filter, then assign it to the applicable Web Filter Profile in UTM Profiles> Web filter> Profile> Advanced Filter> Web URL Filter. Use the EXEMPT filter action for the web site domain (try Simple blocking type with something like "" [no quotes]). Let me know if that works. Thanks, Matt
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