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Looking for advice on selecting the right AP

Hi everyone! I don’t have much of a wireless background so I’d like to get some recommendations on which AP would best suit me.


I recently bought a ForiWiFi 61F with hopes of using it to replace my ASA 5506-X and failing access point (AP1142N) but I discovered the hard way that there’s only a single radio in the unit and the range seems to be a bit lacking. This firewall is my first Fortinet product (PA is more of my specialty) so I’m still learning all the capabilities but even with the dodgy wireless I’ve been fairly impressed with it, so I decided I’ll give the FortiAPs a try.


I’ve been looking at the  FAP-221E, FAP-223E, and FAP423E but Fortinet makes quite a few APs and I don’t want to make any more mistakes so I think I’ll base it on your advice.


Here’s the criteria I’m trying to meet:

  • Home use with about 1-3TB/month.
  • Dual radios.
  • Separate power supply (I don’t have any POE switches).
  • I am trying to cover 2,000 Sq. Ft. (single floor).
  • The AP will be located near-center of the house.
  • Reliable, high-speed throughput on the 5GHz (the closer to 1Gbps, the better).
  • VLAN & RADIUS Support.
  • Works with the wireless controller on the FortiWiFi-61
  • About 20 concurrent connections but performance is only needed for 2 or 3 of them.[/ul]

    My current AP has moderate/poor signal strength in some of the further rooms, but it has internal antennas. Hopefully I can get away with a single AP but if I need to buy two them for better coverage then I will.


    Thanks in advance!!


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