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We have a large transfer that we are sending through our FortiGate but it always fails because the sessions are getting dropped on the firewall. We are using MSP360 to transfer to Backblaze (B2). The backups are broken into different jobs with the la...
Before I start, I want to clarify that the remote iPerf server I’m testing against is on a 10Gbps link. I have a Fortigate 61F with the wan2 interface connected to a 1Gbps (synchronous) Internet connection. If I run an iPerf test from that interface,...
When the firewall is in policy mode, WAF is unavailable. Is it possible, perhaps some other way, to write a filter that accepts/rejects traffic based on HTTP methods and URIs?
Hi everyone! I don’t have much of a wireless background so I’d like to get some recommendations on which AP would best suit me. I recently bought a ForiWiFi 61F with hopes of using it to replace my ASA 5506-X and failing access point (AP1142N) but I ...
I hope I didn't get bamboozled on this rather expensive home firewall. The specs show that the WiFi supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac but it looks like there's only one radio in the unit so you have to pick between either 2.4 -or- 5 GHz. Is this correct or ...
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