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Looking for a Foritnet Management product

I see Fortinet has Forticlient EMS. This seems great for keeping the VPN up to date and updating a handful of apps on the remote machine. What I need is the ability to push files to the client computer and or push a custom MSI package to the machine to install other apps. Does this ability exist from Fortinet ? These computers are not on the domain and are non-corp machines. 


For scenarios involving non-domain, non-corporate machines, especially when wanting to deploy custom software or files, consider these alternatives:

  1. RMM Solutions (Remote Monitoring and Management): Tools like ConnectWise Automate, Datto RMM, or SolarWinds MSP allow you to deploy software, push scripts, and generally manage endpoints regardless of their domain affiliation.

  2. Modern Management Tools: Microsoft's Intune, part of the Endpoint Manager suite, allows for software deployment, configuration management, and more, even for devices outside of a traditional Active Directory domain.

  3. Open-Source & Third-Party Tools: Tools like Chocolatey for package management or PDQ Deploy for software deployment can be handy for pushing out applications to endpoints.

Siddhanth Poojary