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Logged out of Fortinet Web Interface durring active session



Our campus recently purchased and installed a 1200D on our network.  My IT department is new to Fortinet and thus learning how to use the device.  We are having a problem with being logged out of the web administrative interface on the idle timeout.  This is causes the admin session to be logged out regardless if the session is idle or not.  I've messed with duration of timeout with the same results, forced logged out on the interval even when I am actively using the system.  Any ideas as to what might be causing this?


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Hi Bryan,

Welcome to Fortinet world....


To solve your problem:


Using GUI: Menu: System -> Admin -> Settings. Change the idle timeout


Using CLI: 


# config system global

#   set admintimeout XX

# end


XX are 1 to 480 mins


Regards, Paulo Raponi

Regards, Paulo Raponi
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The unusual thing about this is that OP reports to be logged off while the admin session is NOT idle. 'admintimeout' is the IDLE timeout.

I only know of a 'hard' timeout in identity based policies, and even then it's not the default.


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