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Hi, I created a SQL and execute it as DATASET. The result are ok... When I execute it on a report, it fail to "group by"...When debug the SQL on CLI, I can see some diferences between the query on DataSet and Report: DATASET:[code lang=sql][146659618...
Hi, I'm trying to use the Dataset 'drilldown-Top-Web-User-By-Visit' on a Report. But when I add Filter "user" it return no result (No matching log data for this report). The "where" of the dataset use $filter-var-only. It's correct? If I change to $f...
Hi, Forticloud has a report that bring useful data for a customer... We need replicate this on FortiAnalyzer. It's possible? Are a drill-down report by User, % of traffic usage on network, Time period (by hour), % of bandwidth usage on that hour and ...
Hi, Anyone know how repeated log in FortiAnalyzer works? For example, if I query a Youtube bandwidth usage using "where" filter as "hostname like '%googlevideo.com'"It will return serveral results with different Application signatures. For example: L...
Hi, what's the difference between use $log-traffic and $log-webfilter ? For a website report, both result on the same results? Regards,Paulo Raponi
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