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Loadbalancer VIP from external stopped with 5.2

Just done the upgrade of 5.2 latest build on our 1500D cluster and I am no longer able to access the Virtual Server addresses from external clients just internal ones. I have created new configurations, reboot etc and with no luck. The firewall log is just showing action as Close Here is a sample: edit " name HTTPS" set uuid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx set type server-load-balance set extip set extintf " any" set server-type https set http-ip-header enable set monitor " TCP 443" " Ping Health Check" set persistence ssl-session-id set extport 443 config realservers edit 1 set ip set port 443 next edit 2 set ip set port 443 next end set ssl-mode full set ssl-certificate " cert" There is both and external to internal and internal to internal policy, and as mentioned a both the internal to internal one is working fine. It does seem like there has been a change to stop inter zone loadbalancer access, and i sure hope it can be over written!