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LAN Link issues with some devices on FGT-60F

Hi Everyone,

I've come across an odd issue with some devices not getting link on some of the LAN switch ports on the FGT-60F.  One device is a single board computer that only links at 100Mbps FDX, it wont get link on some of the ports but does come up on LAN4/Internal4, I had to try a few before it would light up.

We were recently provided a new cable modem from our ISP and periodically it loses WAN link (LED off) about once a week-2weeks.  Cables swapped with fresh patches and the issue still comes up once in a while.


Posting here to see if anyone else has had some issues with copper links on these entry models.  I typically work with 100-200 series units but use this 60F at home for learning/lab, and have a couple 80F units deployed at remote offices.


Code: v6.4.11

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Is the port speed fixed? If so, try leave it auto negotiate at both ends.

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Always auto, never changed from defaults.