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Fortigate suddenly does not apply policys after reboot

yesterday I rebooted my rack and after everything came back online, I was not able to access my wifi controllers interfaces. I have a policy for mgmt traffic from my mgmt pc, but it does not work. If I enable any any, it works. If I diable the any any rule, it goes down after half a minute. At fortyanalyzer I see that the traffic goes through the mgmt policy and is indeed allowed. Still if I disable the any any rule, I cant access the wifi controller anymore, even tho analyser says the traffic is allowed. Cant ping it or access it over ip. Altered that policy bit it still does not work. Funny enough the controller itself has internet connection and works just fine. It seems to only be related to traffic from my mgmt pc. I even restored a backup where everything just worked as a charm, but it did not help. To me it seems as if this policy is completely buggy.

FG is responsible for routing. How can I solf this problem? Already created another policy, but it die not work either. Only the any any rule works. If needed Ill provide more information.

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I've seen such issue in policy-based mode.