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Jumbo frame support on FortiSwitches managed by FortiGate

I found this article:

Technical Tip: Enabling the JUMBO frames on the Fo... - Fortinet Community

which seems to be exactly what I'm looking for, except that the CLI commands which are offered, are NOT commands which are valid on the FortiGate, which from the title, is what we are dealing with.  So when FortiSwitches are managed by a FortiGate via a FortiLink interface, and you make changes to the switch config on the FortiGate, the FortiGate pushes those changes to the FortiSwitch, and overwrites any changes which have been made directly on the FortiSwitch.  So the changes offered in the sited article above are TEMPORARY!!.  

Ignoring the fact that the person posting this couldn't be bothered to say what device the CLI commands are entered onto, it's still no help, because the changes the poster offers will be removed at some point when the config gets updated by the FortiGate.


Please, PLEASE!  If you are going to offer CLI commands, for FortiSwitches, when they are managed by FortiGates, give us the commands that must be entered ON THE FORTIGATE!!!.   If you are going to offer CLI commands which must be entered on the switch(es), then at least state that making the change in this manner will not be overwritten by the FortiGate with the current or any future release of software (and list what version of software that is true for).


I'm so tired of CLI commands that only work on older versions of code, or that don't work on the device I'm trying to run them on, because no one bothered to say what device the commands are valid on.  It's a good think the GUI on Fortinet products is good, because the CLI sucks.

Derek Small
Derek Small
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Derek,

Thank you for using the Community Forum. I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible.


Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.
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