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Is it posible to downgrade a fortigate 100D G3 to 4MR3 ?

Hi fellows:


I have a fortigate 100D "G2" running 4mr3 patch 15, and a new one G3 shipped with 5.2, the idea is to replace the G2 with the G3 hardware, and i am just wondering about downgrading the G3 to 4.3.15 in order to execute the upgrade steps to 5.2 with a backup of my current working configuration, i want to do this in order to minimize the downtime of the production equipment during the replace process.


This device is working as a packet filter and vpn for remote offices and ssl vpn for road warriors, no utm functions enabled.


Have some one tried this?


What are your thoughts about this?


Any recommendations?


Thanks in advance


New Contributor



I can confirm that the box shows in the label the part number, so, there is no need to open the box in order to confirm that, have a nice day


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