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Internet not working from system, works from core switch.

Moved from 500D to 1000E 6.2.3.. No changes on switch. SDWAN with 3 Isp. Swapped cables to go Live. Internet works from core switch. Ping source vlan X... but not from a system in vlan X. From every vlan interface internet is working, but not from systems in the same vlans.
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Routing? Is the gateway IP address on the LAN hosts correct, i.e., pointing to the FGT's internal port?

Policy should exist as you have migrated the config from 500D to 1000E (how? by hand?).

Lastly, check that NAT is enabled.


To get to the root cause, sniff the traffic and looks at the session builup with 'diag debug flow'.


"Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!"
Ede"Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!"

bug on the core switch.. instead of ip route x.x.x.x work around vlan xx x.x.x.x
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