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Internet issue of clients

Dears all 


I have an issue of our company site. 


We have 3 isp link contact to fortigate 300 e to spart port using SDWAN, the firewall can ping the Internet, we make a policy allow LAN network to internet, everything is fine, clients can ping, and can reach the gatway but can not access to email Outlook and brosing the Internet. 


I check the DNS Server it is big to gatway and internet, but in clients pc I make ipconfg/all


The DNS Take ipv6 


With different DNS not AD, 



How Can I solve this issue 


Hi Mohammed_f

Please let us know the below:

==> Does the PC getting the IP address and dns settings from the DHCP server ?

==> Does fortigate acts as DHCP server in your network ?
==> Does all the users are facing the issue or a group of user?



The pc get ips from the dhcp Server 

The fortigate act as gatway and only firewall not dhcp Server 


Group of Users face This issue 


You need to ensure your DHCP server is assigning the correct DNS servers to your clients. Please check your DHCP server configuration.