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Intermittent site issue from Office to AWS

Good day All,


I started experiencing an issue in office after upgrading the FortiAP 431G firmware from 7.2.1 build 4789 to 7.4.2 build 0634. We have servers hosted in AWS. To reach these servers we need to connect via VPN. We have intermittend drops to AWS but the VPN does not disconnect, then we are unable to access the servers in AWS. Even when reconnecting the VPN connection the issue still persists. This only happens on certain access points and after rebooting the access point then the issue is resolved for a few hours.


We checked our DNS in office and in AWS, no issues there.


This however does not happen when a user is connected via LAN, it only happens when a user is connected on WiFi.


Please help.


Hello Tauriq,


Thank you for using the Community Forum. I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible.



Stephen - Fortinet Community Team

You need to check the traffic debugs on the FortiGate 
diag debug flow filter addr <dest ip address>

diag debug flow filter port <dst port number>  --- this line is optional

diag debug flow show function-name en

diag debug flow trace start 100

diag debug enable
On a second CLI, run  VPN traffic debugs. if it is a SSLVVPN  then execute the following commands 
diag vpn ssl debug-filter src-addr4 <public IP of the forticlient endpoint>
diag debug app sllvpn -1
diag debug enable
For Ipsec :
diag vpn ike log-filter dst-addr <remote gateway ip>

diag debug app ike -1
diag debug enable 

Also check the wifi event logs

Amritpal Singh
New Contributor

Hi @amrit the issue with Debugging is that this is an intermittent issue and happens at different times during the day to different access points we have 12 listed in our workspace.

We will have a look at when the issue happens and provide feedback ASAP.


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