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Indoor/Outdoor WAP

We have a customer that needs a wireless access point under a porch ceiling. I looked at the FAP-224E. It is quite a bit more expensive than non-outdoor WAP's. Any suggestions or ideas. Is the FAP-224E a good device with good range?


I'd say that for outdoors you will need an outdoor AP if you want it to work all the time. OD-APs are waterproof (not tight), and feature heating. Besides, the body is way more robust than with ID-APs.

Yes they are more expensive but demands outdoor are higher.


I've never used a FAP-224E but generally the U-series (U221E, U321E) and their range is impressive. Used them both with FGT and Meru/FWC controllers.


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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

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