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IPsec and Azure fortigates in stand alone load balancer sandwich

We have 2 standalone Azure Fortigates (7.0) in a load balancer sandwich, managed by FMG. We're looking to replace the Azure VPN gateway with IPSec on the Fortigates to our onprem Fortigate cluster.


I'm looking for a reference design for the IPSec tunnels and associated routing or if anyone has done it this way?


Currently i have dialup tunnels from Azure fortigates to onprem but failover and loadbalancing doesn't work so well. I'm thinking perhaps i need OSPF or BGP but am unsure.


Any tips?





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Hello @simonorch , 


Thank you for using the Community Forum. I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible. 



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Hi there,

Looking at your issue, this is more to designing the solution.

Do you mind to share your network diagram so i can get some idea?




We have a basic 'active-active' set up with loadbalancers as per the admin guide. Azure has one public IP. The onprem FG is a standard A-P ha cluster.

There will in the future be a requirement for further IPSec tunnels to the azure side from other third party sources.


The idea was to get full use of both azure fortigates rather than a standard A-P set up. From what i have heard so far this may be possible but not perhaps advisable or best practice.


I have also spoken to our local SEs and they are investigating as well




Fortinet Expert partner - Norway

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