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IPSec over SDWAN in a preconfigured environment

Hey all, having an interesting time learning about SDWAN. The environment I'm in wasn't using it as it was a small HQ. They recently installed a 2nd ISP and I setup a basic HA failover. Well I'm studying up more and more on Fortinet and its uses and found SDWAN could do a lot of traffic flow that I'd like to implement. While our current setup is fully functional and does what it needs to do, I'd like to improve on it and use these handy builtin features.

One issue I seemt to have is that we have a lot of IPSEC tunnels created and I can't integrate them to the SDWAN. Is there a way to take premade IPSEC tunnels and move them to the SDWAN or am I going to have to create it from scratch? Would appreciate any useful link as well.

Currently running a 80F on 7.0.15.

Hi @kazank,


You will have to remove that IPsec tunnel from any firewall policies in order to add it to an SDWAN zone. Please refer to this article:




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