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IPSEC VPN not passing internal FQDN CLI commands not working for me

Hi there!


I am working on setting up some new FG-81E-POE devices in my organization, we have multiple sites that we connect via IPSEC VPN.


I've set the internal FQDN on the DNS server (i.e. ourcompany.lan) and am now trying to get the FQDN to traverse the VPN.


I've found the following information on getting this to work:



For IPsec VPN: config vpn ipsec phase1-interface edit <gateway_name> set ipv4-dns-server1 set ipv6-dns-server1 set domain <domain> end



However, when I try and and run any of the "set" commands (especially the domain one) I get the following error:


command parse error before 'domain'

Command fail. Return code -61


Is there another setting somewhere that I need to turn on/off to allow me to set this?  Where would it be (Fortinet is sort of new to me)?


What am I missing?


Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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