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I'm trying to get a self-hosted DDNS service up and running (it's RFC 2136 compliant)... and I am now running into the issue that it's very hard to interpret the servers update information to Fortinet's method of updating. I've searched for and found...
Hi there! I have a set of RADIUS servers that are up and running and are accessible by the Fortigate that it is directly connected to. But, when I try and use one of the RADIUS servers as a secondary IP through the IPSEC VPN I always get the message ...
Hi there! I am working on setting up some new FG-81E-POE devices in my organization, we have multiple sites that we connect via IPSEC VPN. I've set the internal FQDN on the DNS server (i.e. ourcompany.lan) and am now trying to get the FQDN to travers...