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I cannot access to company. Connection refused LINUX

Hi, I am a newbie for FortiClient VPN. I have started to use that because of my company. I have 2 laptops. One is Windows 10, another one is Ubuntu based PopOS 22.04 LTS. Everything works on Windows 10 but I need to use PopOS. Therefore, I had to do some setting because FortiClient VPN doesn't work as I expected on PopOS. Al first, I wasn't able to access to server but I fixed that problem with that link.


Now, I have another problem. I need to access to but when I connected to VPN, it's telling that connection refused. When it's not connected to VPN, it's waiting for long time (I cannot access without VPN, just telling this maybe it might be useful to solve the problem). Any idea about how can I handle that problem?

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Thank you for using the Community Forum. I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible.


Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.



I understand that you are not able to access when connected from VPN.

Is the VPN getting connected at the first place?

If it's not getting connected, please run the below commands and try to connect:

diag debug reset 

diag debug appl sslvpn -1

diag debug enable


After you see the error, please disable the debug using:

di de di



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Hi Manosh,


Thank you for your help. I hope your answer will help to others but in my case, I fixed the problem as below.


VPN was getting connected to server. Only the problem was I wasn't able to reach the website. When I include `https://` at the beginning of the link, then gives me an option to proceed to the web page. I just clicked advanced then take risks and go to website. It worked for my case


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