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How to redeploy a FREE VM Trial Fortigate

Dear all,


I just set up a FREE Fortigate VM Trial for testing purposes.


Then I delete the whole VM and redeploy a new one on the ESXi.

And seems the new VM can not download back the same license and say invalid.


IF I manually upload the Trial license, it will also say invalid license.


Please help


Do you see the VM registered under your name on support portal? You can only have one trial license under one user account.

Limitations of the evaluation VM license include the following:

  • Maximum of one free evaluation copy per FortiCare account

you may contact the customer support team to remove the registered unit and use the new one.



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I also need to setup a lab enviroment with 3 FGT vm, how can i do?

I wish one day Fortinet allow trying multiple fgt-vm with time based trial.


You can use GNS3 or EVE-NG for lab enviroment. You can download the kmv. I use EVE-NG and is easy to set up. The KMV comes with a 2 week trial. Before the trial expire, back up the config. Once its expire, deploy the KMV again and upload your config file. Another thing is that the latest firmware for kmv i think is 7.0. If you need a recent version then you need to buy the VM version.

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You have 2  options:

  1. Use (if you have access to) older VM Fortigate, before 7.2.1, which are not tied to Forticloud account and you can have as many as you want of them
  2. (Not heard from me) You can register 3 FortiCloud accounts with different emails, and get 3 permanent free evaluation licenses, 1 for each account :) 

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