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How to prevent users from adding/modifying/deleting VPN profiles in FortiClient for Window

We are using free FortiClient version 5.6.6 (no license and connection to FortiGate and no EMS bought), but would like to prevent users from adding/modifying/deleting VPN profiles.

Is that possible?

We know that settings can be locked via password, so locked configuration delivery should not be a problem.

We also know about allow_personal_vpns vpn option in the FortiClient XML config, but we assume this only comes into play, when EMS is bought?


Thank you.





Have a look at page 100 on the document below and let us know if that is what you are looking for:

NSE5, CCSE, CCNA R&S, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, MTA Security, ITIL v3

NSE5, CCSE, CCNA R&S, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, MTA Security, ITIL v3

Hi nick22d. Thank you for your reply, but in our case we do not use EMS. We are only using standalone (free) version of FortiClient for Windows. Is there any way ti configure it to disallow VPN profiles manipulation via either XML config or windows group policy? Regards, Uros

 allow_personal_vpns is probably the way to go. I have not tested it myself in that setup, but when EMS is involved that option will allow you to do other vpns than those allready configured.


Have you tried this setting ? I would... Let me know how it goes  :)


Hi vinceneil666,


thanx for the response.

I have tried it, but the problem is that all the VPNs defined in the XML config file vanish from the GUI, when you do.

This option is meant to be used in conjunction with EMS, where only EMS VPN profiles are visible to user's GUI and are obviously saved in another file.


I have had a long conversation with Fortinet support and we both came to the conclusion this is not possible and that te best course of action would be to create a FortiClient feature request for additional config XML option to disable that gear button, which enables users to modify/add/delete user VPN profiles and then lock settings with some strong password.





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