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Hi, I am trying to get the EMS connection from my Fortigate (6.2) working. But I am unable to set the source ip ? .. I have tried "unset source-ip" butstill no go. I am also having a hard time understanding the pre-configured source ip in general..wh...
Hi, Have anyone else had this issue ? If I create a new object on the firewall, lets say just a host object, as soon as I press "OK" mye SSL vpn's drop.
Hi,Is it possible to aggregate the A and B interfaces on this model ? They are dedicated to one asic each..
Hi, Are there som general hints/tips regarding the Fortiswitch that anyone wanna share ? We have a setup with a fortigate and 6 fortiswitches. We have em setup in lab and all is fine, but as soon as I drag them to our customer site we get strange iss...
Hi, I am having a super hard time figuring out how the DLP Watermark tool within FortiExplorer can provide me with anything usefull :) I have 1000D in Flow mode, running on 6.0.4. I made my DLP Sensor (had to use cli to get the 'watermark' option) Se...
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