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How to move the free FortiToken mobile licenses to a new VDOM or firewall

Recently ran into this today and wanted to post a solution. I have a lab firewall I wanted to test FTKM with, but the firewall uses VDOMs, and the tokens are associated to the root VDOM by default.


These are the steps I took to move a token from the root VDOM to the proper tenant VDOM, on a FortiGate 200D running 5.4.4. Most of the work can only be done via CLI I found.


Ps. I think Setup step 7 is not actually required assuming everything is working up to that point, as I ended up getting two activation emails.



1) Get the serial numbers for both tokens from the root VDOM or other firewall

2) Ensure the tokens are not in-use / associated to any users or groups

3) Ensure SMTP server or SMS gateway is configured

4) Create user account(s) with email or SMS contact info (in this example, just a local user)



1) WebUI - Login to the root VDOM and go to User & Device > FortiTokens

2) WebUI - Select the token(s) you want to move and click the Delete button

3) CLI - Enter the VDOM you want the token(s) to be available in

4) CLI - Add the new tokens via their serial number, and enable them

config user fortitoken     edit [ serial number ]     set status enable end

5.A) CLI - You should now see the tokens in a provisioning state via the command "diagnose fortitoken info"

myfirewall (myvdom) # diagnose fortitoken info FORTITOKEN DRIFT STATUS FTKMOBxxxxxxxxxx 0 [style="background-color: #ffff00;"]provisioning[/style]


Total activated token: 0 Total global activated token: 0


Token server status: reachable

myfirewall (myvdom) #

5.B) WebUI - You should now see the tokens in a pending state under User & Device > FortiTokens in the Status column

6) CLI - Enable two-factor and associate token with a user account (local account in this example)

config user local     edit testuser         set two-factor fortitoken         set fortitoken [ serial number ]     next end

7) CLI - Provision the token using the command "exec fortitoken-mobile provision". This should generate an email/SMS to the user to activate their token.


exec fortitoken-mobile provision [ serial number ]


8) User - Install/activate token into their smart phone using normal process

9.A) CLI - The state of the token should now be "provisioned" via the command 'diagnose fortitoken info'

9.B) WebUI - The state of the token should now be "Assigned" via the Status column

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Clear instructions, cool.



Defend Your Enterprise Network With Fortigate Next Generation Firewall
Defend Your Enterprise Network With Fortigate Next Generation Firewall
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You do know the token is not configured to a "vdom",  but  to a user. Your not "moving" a token you are assigning it to a respected user.







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