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How to load a FortiGate HA (A/P) configuration file from one unit to another

How to load a FortiGate HA (A/P) configuration file from one cluster to another (file conversion for a different model).


Example you have got a cluster in production model 200 and you want to swap with a diferent model "300" how would we do this?There is not much information in the fortinet website.Forticonverter will not be in question because requires license , is there a simple way that someone tried it?

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There is no magic flipper so to speak to get this done. With some text editing and patience, you may be able to do this.


 * Ensure both units are on the same firmware branch.

 * Backup the production unit in clear text (no password).

 * Globally edit that file and replace the production interface names with the new model interface names. (I have to note at this point, you should go one by one to make sure that you don't accidentally change something that shares the same name or is part of another string)

 * Backup the new model again in plain text.

 * Take the first line from the new device and overwrite the first line in the production backup.

 * Restore to the new unit. (If the production unit has interfaces that aren't present on the new device, you will get errors on the upload. It should still proceed through though 'I think'.)

 * Fire up the new box, log in and check the configuration.

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Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:
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