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How to create exception to web filtering rule



So i currently setup the web filtering service to block certain URL's we want to block on the network. An example is and it's working.


What i'm trying to do now is create an exception where i can specify IP's address or MAC address that are excluded from the web filtering and can still access for example.


Any help would be appreciated...

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this is exception tip that I want to use in other policies too,

exception some IPs from a range IP that we use in policy.

I think FGT has not this feature (add exception profile in policy) and we should create new policy and use Policy order technique to exempt specific IPs.



You can create two different web filter profiles: one called Facebook-Allow and one called Facebook-Block. Create an address group with the users allowed to view Facebook. Create a policy restricted to the allowed address group and apply the Facebook-Allow profile. Create another policy for all users and select the Facebook-Block profile. Make sure that the policy with Facebook-Allow is listed prior to the Facebook-Block policy. You may need to first enable the option to create multiple security profiles by going to System > Config > Features, selecting Show More, and turning on Multiple Security Profiles.
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