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How to configure different Wifi Vlan keeping same SSID

I have two Fortiwifi 40F and wifi 60F. On 60F, I have a simple requirement to create new Wifi Vlan for

Vlan101 - Phones and Tab devices,

Vlan102 - TVs and Camera,

Vlan103 - All incomming BYOD devices


The requirements is to keep One SSID instead of 3. Just wondering if it is possible configure different Wifi Vlan keeping same SSID? We are not using FortiAP in the environment.


There are separate Vlans for Ethenet network which is configure using 4 different Switches.




I guess what you are looking for is descripted here:


In your case, I suggest the "Type" filter on the nac-policy.

See this JSON File with all Vendors, Type, Family and OS.


VLAN101: IP-Phone, etc

VLAN102: Smart TV, IP-Camera

VLAN103: all other


But from my point of view, the following would be better for you:

1 SSID for IP-Phones, TVs and Cameras (PSK protected)

1 SSID for BYOD Devices (Captive Portal)

1 SSID for corporate Devices (WPA2-Enterprise protected)

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