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How authentication cisco switch with FortigateAuthentication?

Hi guys.


I have a Campus network with Cisco equipment. I want the authentication to be done by LDP. Can I somehow implement it on my network?



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Do you mean LDAP? Yes you can integrate your LDAP directory and use them in your RADIUS policy for example, or did you mean something else?




How I do?



Bro from which country are you? I don't understand your English, can you please elaborate further?

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Its forum nobody interacts.


Correction needed: "nobody interacts" >> Nobody understands YOU!



Because you shot very short question, pointing you use Cisco equipment, and without any further elaboration. And when you got comment asking for clarification if your "LDP" isn't actually LDAP (as writing to Authentication forum).

Then your response was just "oheigl How I do?". From my point of view you do pretty badly.


Kindly do your due diligence first. Then if it's for Cisco equipment, then ask on Cisco forum, not here. If it's for Fortinet equipment, then welcome here.

Take some time, search forum, and if answer is not found, then refine your question before you even ask. All that _before_ you complain that nobody interacts.

Because this is user forum and we all do so voluntarily and this thread was wasted time.

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