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Computers dropping off SSO Agent

Dear All,


Any reason why computers drop out of the SSO Agent? It happens to me regularly, whilst I am working so my internet connection drops and i have to restart to get it back. We have a separate IT staff policy which allows most stuff especially RDP which I use daily.


Any help would be appreciated!


Many thanks,




not sure if you really speak about computer logins (those with $ at the end) or users logged on form some computers.


It might be caused by that RDP, via logon override.

In this case have a look to [link][/link] for "FSSO RDP" and hints how to fix this.


If the drop from FSSO is somehow time based, then it might come along two usual things .. 1. workstation check not passing OK, and so record placed on Dead Entry list and dropped after timeout

2. IP verification check, where there is wrong DNS set and different IP is found in DNS then workstation really has, and so original IP taken from logon event is overwritten with wrong IP taken from DNS and so FSSO record updated. And as traffic from WKS is still coming from same original IP, but now without matching FSSO record, it's dropped.

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